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Elizabeth May’s By-Election Choice?

July 3, 2009 Comments off

Now that Green Party leader Elizabeth May has chosen to run in Saanich-Gulf Islands and achieve what the Liberals couldn’t do with no NDP candidate in the next general election, wouldn’t it stand to reason that her next by-election choice would be (relatively) nearby New Westminster—Coquitlam, for the purpose of boosting her profile in BC?

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Force Of History Make “Unite The Left” Impossible

October 28, 2008 1 comment

It seems that uniting the “left” has become popular in the press lately. However, I think my thoughts on the matter from January still hold today:

The centre-left first split from the centre in 1920, then solidified that split in 1932, then reformed itself in 1961.

After 88 years, somehow I don’t think the centre-left is going to come back to the centre.

You see, the reason why the right could unite was the fact that it was split for only 10 years, which isn’t enough time for a generation to pass, isn’t enough time for people to forget a united party.

But, even with only ten years, uniting the right was a hard task that took mulitple, failed efforts.

The “left” has been split for 88 years, a few generations. Now logic dictates that if it was darned hard to unite the right with a 10 year split, it’s going to be impossible with a 88 year split.

But anyway, its high time that anti-conservative forces quit wishing for a miracle solution like “unite the left” to get rid of the Conservatives, and start working hard to convince people to vote for a different party (like the NDP) to take away votes from them.

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Quick Thought: Popular Vote And Money

October 15, 2008 Comments off

As many people might know, political parties get $1.75 per vote (plus inflation).

Therefore, it might be interesting to look at the numbers:

2006 .          2008*
Conservative 5,374,071 5,194,780
Liberals 4,479,415 3,620,201
NDP 2,589,597 2,509,439

*2008 Numbers are as of 10/14/08 11:40pm PST

So it looks like the NDP and Conservatives are going to receive roughly the same amount of public money as the last cycle. The Liberals, however, have lost roughly 900,000 votes (or about $1,575,000).

That doesn’t bode well for the Liberals’ financial future.

As for the financial future of the NDP, a meme that seems to be going around is the NDP will not be able to repay their debt recurred on this campaign. I would contend that any money borrowed for the campaign probably has a repayment schedule that corresponds with a similar amount of support as 2006. Just because the NDP campaign rhetoric reached sky-high doesn’t mean that any financial consideration would be based on the rhetoric.

Nothing really changes for the Conservatives and Bloc, but the 300,000 votes the Greens gained this election will definitely increase the financial resources that are available to them.

The Spirit Of Quisling Resides In May?

October 12, 2008 2 comments

It can’t be good to be a Green right now, with this type of stuff coming from their leader’s mouth:

On Sunday, two days before the election, Ms. May gave an interview to the Canadian Press. The journalist then filed a story reporting that Ms. May said “there’s no question” that in 20 per cent of Canadian ridings, Green voters may wish to vote strategically.

Tell me then, Ms. May, why did the Greens run candidates in those ridings?

Anyway, correct me if I’m wrong, but Green voters support the Green party because they do not support the Liberals, NDP, Conservatives, or Bloc. They are not in it to:

…turf Stephen Harper as Prime Minister and replace him with Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion.

That’s what the Liberal party is for. If Green supporters wanted to do that in the first place, they would have joined the Liberal party, not the Green party.

I feel sorry for the Greens in regards to their sell-out leader. Things are hard enough for them already, without having their leader trying to reduce their vote-share, and thus their public funding.

I’m Spartacus

September 11, 2008 3 comments

I’m Buckdog!

Uhh… I’m mean, I’m Spartacus. Buckdog* bites those to pretend to be him. 😉

*Or more accurately, Leftdog.

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They Should Stop Moving The Goalposts

September 8, 2008 8 comments

While I believe that Elizabeth May’s inclusion in the debates would result in an unfair situation in which there would be two people present gunning for Stéphane Dion to become Prime Minister, at the same time I think that it is rather unfair for the television consortium to keep moving the requirements for a political party to be included in the debates.

Let’s look at the requirements in the past:

  • The Reform party got in the 1993 debate on the basis of one elected seat.
  • The Bloc Québécois got in the 1993 debate on the basis on one elected seat and 7 floor-crossers.
  • The Bloc Québécois still gets into the debates considering that they only run for seats in Quebec.
  • The Green Party of BC gets into the BC debates on the basis of having no seats.

So, basically, the requirements to get into the debates is based on whatever random criteria the television consortium decides on at the time, despite whatever lame excuse they use to justify their decision.

It’s high time to remove the television consortium from organizing the debate and give the responsibility to Elections Canada, which could then implement consistent requirements.

PS: I suspect not being included into the debate is going to give the Greens some more publicity than they would otherwise get. The inclusion of the Greens in BC elections doesn’t really result in  that much more publicity for the Greens here, and certainly hasn’t resulted in Green seats.

PPS: I kinda looked forward to having May explain why the Greens did a total 180° on their floor-crossing position. Ah well.

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In Their Own Words: Greens On Floor Crossing

August 30, 2008 4 comments

The day that Mr. Emerson “crossed the floor” to the Conservative party was a dark day for Canadian democracy… He has betrayed his supporters and the entire electorate in Vancouver Kingsway. He has put his personal goals ahead of those of the electorate.

– Arno Schortinghuis, Green Party candidate for Vancouver-Kingsway, in official Green Party press release, February 17th 2006.

I’ll enjoy having Elizabeth May explain why her party did a total 180° on that one at the debates.

I’ll also enjoy having Elizabeth May explain why, if the Conservatives are so evil every non-conservative must join together to stop them at all costs, why she basically gave the Conservatives West Vancouver— Sunshine Coast — Sea to Sky Country because of vote splitting. It’ll be even funnier it it is, seeing his chance at an elected Conservative seat, David Emerson.