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Force Of History Make “Unite The Left” Impossible

October 28, 2008

It seems that uniting the “left” has become popular in the press lately. However, I think my thoughts on the matter from January still hold today:

The centre-left first split from the centre in 1920, then solidified that split in 1932, then reformed itself in 1961.

After 88 years, somehow I don’t think the centre-left is going to come back to the centre.

You see, the reason why the right could unite was the fact that it was split for only 10 years, which isn’t enough time for a generation to pass, isn’t enough time for people to forget a united party.

But, even with only ten years, uniting the right was a hard task that took mulitple, failed efforts.

The “left” has been split for 88 years, a few generations. Now logic dictates that if it was darned hard to unite the right with a 10 year split, it’s going to be impossible with a 88 year split.

But anyway, its high time that anti-conservative forces quit wishing for a miracle solution like “unite the left” to get rid of the Conservatives, and start working hard to convince people to vote for a different party (like the NDP) to take away votes from them.

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  1. October 29, 2008 at 9:20 am

    Am fed up with the unite-the-left crap that is being propagated by CanWest and their ilk.

    That parties of the opposition might form a coalition so they can lead the government is one thing, but forcing smaller parties to meld into one so that voters have only two choices is anti-democratic.

    I no more support a unite-the-left campaign than I did a unite-the-right campaign.

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