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Ignatieff’s Support For Tanker Ban Good, But Motivations Questionable, & NDP Only Realistic Choice In Northern BC

June 22, 2010 Comments off

Well, I’ll give Ignatieff’s announcement of the federal Liberal support of a oil tanker ban on the Northwestern coast of BC one thing: its the first time in a long time that the Liberals have even thought about Northern BC.

But beyond that, I’ve really got to question the logic behind supporting the Alberta Tar Sands and the environmental destruction it brings, but not supporting the method in which to bring that oil to market to sell. I’ve also got to question why Northern BC’s environmentalists are worthy for Liberal support while Alberta’s environmentalists aren’t.

It’s these inconsistencies that make me wonder if the federal Liberal support of a tanker ban only comes from a desire to politically benefit from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. But despite the reasons, supporting a ban on oil tankers is the right thing to do, considering the negative effect on Northern BC if an oil spill happens.

However, for those progressives living in Northern BC with major concerns about oil tankers and the proposed Enbridge Pipeline, the only realistic choice is the New Democrats, who have supported an oil tanker ban for quite a while. After all out of the 3 Northern BC ridings, the New Democrats control 1 and placed 2nd in the other 2. The Liberals on the other hand, have placed a very distant 3rd in 2 ridings and placed 4th behind the Greens in 1 (in my riding Prince George—Peace River.)

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Hopefully This CBC Merger Talk Story…

June 8, 2010 7 comments

Is either a massive misquote or something coming from some fantasy agenda of Warren Kinsella’s.

After all, over the past few years, the Liberals have proven themselves to be arrogant, corrupt, internally divided, and untrustworthy. Why would New Democrats want to merge with such an entity?

Sure, there is always room for a coalition agreement after an election for the purposes of better serving Canadians, making Parliament work, and enacting parts of a New Democrat agenda, but anything beyond that, such as some agreement to not run New Democrat candidates in certain ridings or a merger should be very much out of the question.

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December 8, 2009 Comments off

There has been some snickering on the blogosphere today in regards to the Liberals calling for pension reform, a month or so after the New Democrats and Conservatives.

But has anybody else noticed that serious discussion of pension reform started in the provinces a year ago as a result of a joint Alberta-British Columbia report that recommended the creation of an Alberta-British Columbia pension system. Or the provinces are to meet in Whitehorse on December 17th to discuss the issue, with the implicit threat that if there is no progress on national pension reform, some provinces will go it alone and create provincial plans.

So really, it looks like the federal parties are not only late to a serious discussion on the issue, but dangerously late.

The By-Election News

November 9, 2009 1 comment

The Conservatives won Cumberland—Colchester—Musquodoboit Valley, following the riding’s previous history. More surprising, however, is the Conservative win in Montmagny–L’Islet–Kamouraska–Rivière-du-Loup, formerly a relatively solid Bloc seat. At the very least, this could show that the Conservatives are a factor in rural Quebec.

The New Democrats retained New Westminster—Coquitlam, and got high seconds in Hochelaga and Cumberland—Colchester—Musquodoboit Valley. Of course, if the New Democrats want to gains seats, they are going to have to figure out out to convert these second place finishes to first place victories.

The Liberals had nothing particularly to lose, and certainly didn’t gain.

The Bloc lost Montmagny—L’Islet—Kamouraska—Rivière-du-Loup. That’s got to be a bit of a concern for them.

Of course, little of this matters in the long run unless confirmed by a general election.

Doing Something Twice And Expecting Different Results Is Called Insanity

November 2, 2009 2 comments

What? Tell me how this makes sense.

The New Democrats should make a deal with an entity that totally, unilaterally, ripped up a previous semi-legal agreement with the New Democrats. Recently, too.

Uh, Michael Byers? The answer is no.

After all:

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

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What’s Worse Than A Harper Minority?

October 5, 2009 3 comments

A BC Liberal Majority, according to a fundraising letter from former MP and current MLA Dawn Black:

After almost a decade as a Member of Parliament, I thought I had seen it all.

I thought, “Nothing could be worse for ordinary people than a Harper government.”

Now I sit across the aisle from Harper’s pal, Gordon Campbell.

After just four months as an MLA, I realize that I had seriously underestimated how arrogant and uncaring a government can be.

The polls how the people of B.C. are realizing it too. Today, we have a unique window of opportunity.

I am asking for your help to make sure it doesn’t pass us by…

While I don’t think that the BC New Democrats will be using this line of attack very much due to the separation of provincial and federal politics in BC, I still thought it would be mildly interesting to federal anti-Harper forces on the blogosphere.

Especially since supposedly anti-Harper-in-policy Michael Ignatieff did explicitly endorse the very same BC Liberals during the 2009 BC Election.

Ignore EI, Don’t Mind Us. Sorry If We Caused A Fuss

August 27, 2009 Comments off

Well, what do you know. After making noises, threats, and deals in regards to the EI, it looks like the issue isn’t really important enough to bring down the Harper Government anyway.

But really, can’t you blame Liberal strategists for not wanting an election based on EI? After all, doing so would be quite the boon to the New Democrat and Bloc Québécois. Those two parties would be able to say during the campaign: “The Conservatives won’t fix the EI system. The Liberals made the EI system what it is today, broken.”

If I were a Liberal strategist, and I had the ability to chose when to trigger an election, I wouldn’t start it giving my opposition plenty of ammo. No, I’d start it at a press conference with an empty lot being the background…

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