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Quick Thought: Popular Vote And Money

October 15, 2008

As many people might know, political parties get $1.75 per vote (plus inflation).

Therefore, it might be interesting to look at the numbers:

2006 .          2008*
Conservative 5,374,071 5,194,780
Liberals 4,479,415 3,620,201
NDP 2,589,597 2,509,439

*2008 Numbers are as of 10/14/08 11:40pm PST

So it looks like the NDP and Conservatives are going to receive roughly the same amount of public money as the last cycle. The Liberals, however, have lost roughly 900,000 votes (or about $1,575,000).

That doesn’t bode well for the Liberals’ financial future.

As for the financial future of the NDP, a meme that seems to be going around is the NDP will not be able to repay their debt recurred on this campaign. I would contend that any money borrowed for the campaign probably has a repayment schedule that corresponds with a similar amount of support as 2006. Just because the NDP campaign rhetoric reached sky-high doesn’t mean that any financial consideration would be based on the rhetoric.

Nothing really changes for the Conservatives and Bloc, but the 300,000 votes the Greens gained this election will definitely increase the financial resources that are available to them.

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