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BC Conservatives Not Ready For Prime Time

June 15, 2010

Out of the immediate fallout of the Blair Lekstrom resignation, the strangest has to be the BC Conservative reaction.

After all, one would think that a resignation of a MLA from the BC Liberals that represents one of the most ideologically conservative constituencies in BC would be an opportunity for them to either gain a member of the Legislative Assembly or at least an ally. Especially considering that Lekstrom and the BC Conservatives have similar views on the HST: that it is something they supported until public opinion turned against it.

But instead of the beginnings of a quiet discussion with Lekstrom, we had a representative of the BC Conservatives, Dean Skoreyko, telling the entire province that Lekstrom was a “rat” and that the BC Conservatives wouldn’t want him in their party.

But wait! Apparently that wasn’t true. Another representative of the BC Conservatives, Randy White, said on Public Eye Radio that Lekstrom was an ideological conservative and that he’d be welcome with open arms into their party.

Oops! Somebody’s gonna have to be fired for that.

The problem now for the BC Conservatives is that the genie is out of the bottle and not willing to go back in. Let’s ignore the personal insults for a minute; as an Independent MLA, would one join a political party that seems to have no handle at all on its communications? Especially considering that, in this modern world, good communications is essential in achieving one’s agenda.

This should have been a simple task for the BC Conservatives: talk about how the Lekstrom resignation means that the BC Liberals can no longer be an effective political voice of the right in BC while sending feelers to Lekstrom to determine if joining the party is in the cards. The fact that they couldn’t do it right shows that they aren’t ready to enter the Legislature, let alone become official opposition or government.

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