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The Most Underrated Exciting Current Event In BC Politics: Our Province, Our Future

May 4, 2010

It is an exciting time in BC politics at the moment, but what excites me the most is not the H.S.T., or the Site C Dam, but the BC New Democrats “Our Province, Our Future” initiative.

What is Our Province, Our Future, one might ask? It’s a consultation process between the citizens of BC and the BC New Democrats, focused on a discussion of how BC’s economy should be managed by a social democratic government.

Let’s repeat that: a public discussion on the economy being lead by the BC New Democrats. It’s about time! Especially since the BC Liberals have been proving over and over again, from having a deficit way over the promised $450 million to the HST, that they have no clue how to manage the BC economy.

While the first big event of Our Province, Our Future was a “Leader’s Summit” held on April 30th, what’s more interesting is the website itself.

The website contains many different reference resources about BC’s economy that one can read, including the main discussion paper “Looking Forward: The BC Economy at a Crossroads,” which serves as an overview to the current state of BC economy. After all that reference material has been read, it is possible for one to sign up to participate on the website’s forums, and participate in the discussion itself.

All in all, I’ve got to say that the use of participatory web technology for a public discussion on the economy is a really good foundation for the hard work that the BC New Democrats will have to do in order to win government in BC. I’ll probably be posting more on the Our Province, Our Future initiative as it develops.

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