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Don’t Distribute The Milk Cartons With My Face Just Yet!

May 4, 2010

As you have been sure to notice, I haven’t updated this blog in about 2 months or so.

Now, there’s a really good reason for that. You see, my computer has been going through the repair from hell. Since the beginning of this year, my computer has been in the repair shop for 7 and a half weeks!

But enough about this blog’s past, I’m sure readers* would prefer to know what’s going to be happening in the future.

First of all, I’m going to be changing the focus of this blog from federal politics to provincial and regional politics. This is because I’ve been finding lately that most of the things I really care about are on those levels.

Second, I plan to start publishing a post on a weekly basis. I have yet to figure out the schedule, but the general idea is to allow me to think about events for a couple of days and then, theoretically, publish a higher quality post.

Finally, I’m thinking of changing the name of this blog. While I am attached to the name “Northern BC Dipper,” the reality of it is that I choose it when the “geographic location + political affiliation” formula was popular for blog names. Besides, what if I move out of Northern BC? Therefore, I’m in the process of finding a new name that fits my blog and personal quirks.

*Population: 2

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