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Liveblogging the BC Throne Speech

August 25, 2009

Overview, 15:05: To me, this throne speech looks like an attempt by the BC Liberals to hold the line, an attempt to try to convince the citizens of BC that it is still into its previous pet issues, such as environment, housing, health, and Aboriginal reconciliation. However, it seems that the new big interest of the BC Liberals will be cutting down on government services, and examining Boards of Education (read: cuts), Health Authorities (read: cuts, I don’t think that mean letting Health Boards to be elected again), and Crown Corporations (read: privatization). Its seems to me that the BC Liberals are going to have to choose between its old pet issues and its new (old) desire to cut government services, and with the many recent announcements in regards to service cuts, we can probably guess what the BC Liberals have chosen.


The BC Legislature is opening today, and that means a Throne Speech. What is the BC Liberal Government’s agenda? Let’s listen to the speech and find out:


12:53 Now, if the webcast for the BC Leg works, I’ll be live-tweeting the BC Throne Speech. #bcpoli

13:38 Looks like protesters on BC Leg front lawn: “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Gordon Campbell’s got to go.” Takes more than saying it to do it. #bcpoli

13:46 Booing Campbell at the front steps of BC Leg: In this case, kinda unclassy. #bcpoli

13:52 While parades, ceremonies, and cannon salutes are awesome, I’ll be glad when the actual speech starts. #bcpoli

14:07 Interesting. A pastor from West Kelowna is reading the beginning prayers. #bcpoli

14:10 The BC Throne Speech begins. #bcpoli

14:16 Economic crisis came surprisingly all of a sudden | Huh Huh. #bcpoli

14:19 HST: Transition $ help pay for expense, sm business wants it, rest of country is doing it. #bcpoli

14:23 We won’t get into habit of borrowing, non-essentials must be reduced. #bcpoli

14:24 Tax hikes are not acceptable to this gov’t. | HST tells me differently: Are acceptable if it affect middle class. #bcpoli

14:25 No public sector wage increases. #bcpoli

14:28 Review of Translink, BC Ferries,  Health Authorities, Board of Education, Crown Corps, in regards to cost savings #bcpoli

14:29 First Nations reconciliation still important, but more consultation needed. #bcpoli

14:33 Species @ Risk task force, examining restrictions on “cosmetic” pesticides. #bcpoli

14:34 BC Utilities Corp is to receive direction to focus on clean energy. What kind of direction is unknown. #bcpoli

14:35 Did I hear that right? Site C is a consideration for the green energy strategy? #bcpoli

14:37 BC Mandating methane capture of landfills. | Very good idea, energy right there being wasted. #bcpoli

14:40 Affordable housing initiate to allow younger people to own homes. | Devil is in the details, we’ll see if this is good. #bcpoli

14:42 Okay, I hear all of these new initiatives, but there is a need to cut services. It doesn’t make any sense. 1 or the other. #bcpoli

14:48 There. The speech is over. Sorry for the flood of tweets, for those not interested. #bcpoli


The Throne Speech text can be found here.

NDP Response to the throne speech can be below:

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