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Growth In The Orange Machine

August 14, 2009

While the discussion at the NDP Convention has been interesting so far, with speeches from Layton, Ference, Doer, and the successful campaign teams of Manitoba and Nova Scotia, what I have found to be the most interesting be far are the executive reports, as they tell the story of creation and expansion of a Big Orange Machine.

First of all, to fuel an electoral machine, it needs money, and with tight fiscal management, the NDP is in a very good fiscal situation, with a small debt backed by a NDP federal office building the party owns outright. Barring an election, this small debt will be paid off by the next year. But more interestingly, our fiscal management has made it possible to compete with the other political parties in a way that was not possible before. For instance, the TV advertising budget of the 2008 election exceeded the entire campaign budget of the 2000 election.

But even more interesting than that is the changes happening to our federal campaign structure.  For instance, in previous years, the federal NDP rented out services from the provincial parties for federal purposes. With the provincial parties having different ways of operating, I would imagine that coordination would be hard. Now, the federal NDP is establishing its own structure, still renting out space from the provincial parties but no longer renting out services. As well, the NDP is adopting a federal candidate screening process instead of renting out that service from the provincial parties as well. I am hopeful that this will reduce the number of candidates that bring in controversy and derail NDP camapigns.

I hope that the Convention chooses to continue the path to make the Big Orange Machine grow, and votes to provide the tools needed for success.

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