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Before The BC Conservatives Were Against The HST, They Were For It

August 4, 2009

It seems that the BC Conservatives are against the implementation of a HST.

On Public Eye Radio, BC Conservative Deputy Leader Chris Delaney came out strongly against it, pointing out how it would negatively affect the people of British Columbia in poor economic times.  Delaney even went on to say how he thought that the BC NDP secretly approved of the BC HST.

Which is kind of ironic, because the BC NDP never did come in favour of an HST during the 2009 Election. However, the BC Conservatives did (screen cap at bottom):

For Business to flourish, BC needs to investigate the benefits of a made in BC investor friendly PST. BC Conservatives recommend that businesses receive input tax credits for PST paid. BC Conservatives will aggressively investigate the benefits of harmonizing the BC PST with the Federal GST. Businesses are overburdened with the collection of various taxes for government.

Duplicating administrations are wasteful and onerous. The provision of PST input tax credits will help spur investment and reduce government and business administrative costs.

Let’s see here: the BC Conservatives were for the HST, and now,  2 months later, they are against it.

Funny, I though there was already a right-leaning political party in BC that tends to make 180° turns on policy.


  1. September 2, 2009 at 10:03 am


    Hi folks.

    “The HST Song” is a spoof on the Harmonized Sales Tax sung in the same fashion as The MTA Song done by The Kingston Trio a hundred years ago (or does it just seem that long). Both songs are about an over-taxed populace with a preposterous result.

    I thought you might like it.

    Darry Mc Gaw

    Click here for The HST Song: http://www.funny-email-for-everyone.com/hst-song.html

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