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Carole Vs. Gordon Vs. Jane: BC Leaders’ Debate Liveblogged

May 3, 2009

So, each leader have to achieve different goals. Campbell had to look like the Strong Premier. James had to look like the Premier-in-Waiting. Sterk had to look like Gordon Wilson.

First, Jane Sterk. I’d say she failed at looking like Gordon Wilson. Actually, to me, from her clothes to her words, she didn’t seem that she belonged there.

Gordon Campbell really tried to humanize himself. He talked about his grandchildren and other people’s problems. However, I think what he really had to do is show himself as the strong leader, as somebody who would stick to the same road. However I think that Carole James was successful at counteracting what Gordon Campbell was trying to portray as his record and replacing it with what the BC New Democrats would like to see. As well, Gordon Campbell either didn’t really answer the questions, or he would sound really condescending.

All in all, I believe that (no surprise, to you, I suppose) that Carole James won the debate. I think she looked like she would be able step into the job of premier, and managed to made Gordon Campbell look less of the strong premier.

-The Debate-

6:00: Sterk: “There are actually three choices.” Begs non-voters to vote (Green). Promotes STV.

5:59: James: “There are two clear choices.” “Campbell is going to raise your taxes.” In gov’t, I’ll be investing in people.

5:58: Rebutals: Gordon tries to talk about leadership in tough times. Tries to humanize himself by bringing up grandchildren.

5:57: Sterk tries to go Gordon Wilson. Says the word “unexcusable”. Twice.

5:56: James: “What’s the point of having a university space when nobody can afford it?”

5:54: Campbell: New universities are reducing costs for students.

5:53: James: can’t trust Campbell, didn’t lower tuition in the good times.

5:52: Question about Post-Sec Education and Tuition

5:50: Missed the Question. About Poverty? Campbell talks about 1 person. Sterk goes on about GAI. James talks about firsst measuring poverty, then build housing, improve child care.

5:49: Gordon ignores James, talks about his message box.

5:48: Sterk: “Minimum wage is a red herring.” Huh?

5:47: James: “We need to reward hard work”. Need to increase minimum wage. Brings up BC Rail. Is cut off. Is this a good tactic?

5:46: Campbell: Average wage is $13.
So Gordon, what is the median wage!

5:45: James: “Why hasn’t the government increased the medium wage.”

5:45: Campbell: MLAs need to be remunerated for their hard work.

5:44: Question on MLA pay raises. This will be interesting…

5:42: Campbell: talks about pine beetle, pacific century, and aboriginal relations. But what about leadership?

5:42: James: I have a large amount of experience in local, provincial and federal. Leadership is about making hard decisions respectfully.

5:41: Question on Leadership.

5:40 Campbell brings up the cap-and-trade plan that the BC NDP voted against because he didn’t allow them to really debate or examine the legislation.

5:39: Sterk: Greens are the only one with a plan.

5:37: James: need consistency on environment. talks about fish farms, parks reduction.

5:36: James: Carbon tax is ineffective. Sterk: Carbon tax is poorly designed; needs to be higher; tax-shifting. Campbell: Appeals to authority on Carbon Tax.

5:35: Question on the Environment / Carbon Tax / Cap-&-Trade

5:33: Sterk: No new hydro, need diversification. James: keep public power in public hands. Campbell: “A lot of misinformation on IPP”. IPPs are green and provide jobs.

5:32: Question on BC Hydro/ run of river / IPPs

5:30: Who told Sterk to wear that ugly scarf?

5:28: Campbell: we made 5000 beds for seniors. James: Your health minister said you only made 800 beds, is he lying? Campbell: “No, you are.”

5:25: Campbell supports health sustainability, Sterk wants preventative medicine, James brings up Liberal record on hospital closures.

5:24: Question on Health Care

5:23: Jane: “I feel like I’m not really here.” Bingo.

5:22: Carole: where are you moving the resources from to fight gangs? Auto crime?

5:20: Gordon’s really going for the human element, huh?

5:19: Gordon shows his arrogance. “This is a big job…”  In a very snotty way to Carole, too.

5:18: Interesting. Gordon’s touting crime prevention.

5:17 Jane might have a point in regards to drug prohibition and crime. Wonder if that’s going to win any votes?

5:15: Campbell tries to blame the BC NDP for less police officers. Sad.

5:14: Question On Crime

5:13: Interesting. Gordon pulls out the fact that more corporates donate to Liberals to prove that he is good on the economy. Huh?

5:12: Carole: “Mr. Campbell, you need to spend more time in rural BC.” Yes!

5:10: Campbell tries to go warm and fuzzy. Carole goes and attacks him on his record. Gordon attacks back with more stats.

5:09: Carole really touches the rural thought on themselves. She trying to just the rural vote.

5:08: Question on Rural BC.

5:07: Campbell goes and attacks James on balanced budgets in 4 year. Little fear there, Gordo?

5:05: Sterk goes overtime. Sign of things to come?

5:00: It begins. Looks like they are standing up. Carole’s in the centre. Works for me.

4:53 PST: Local PGNDP campaign office is setting up for the debate.  Everyone here’s excited.

  1. Anthony
    May 4, 2009 at 10:43 am

    I would have to commend Jane Sterk on her performance during the leadership debate. I didn’t agree with all of her points, but her answers were more on topic than her two counterparts. She also presented details on her party’s platform and how it compares to her counterparts which is really the whole purpose of debates like this.

    Campbell was arrogant, as always, but made efforts to stay on topic despite James’ attempts to steer the discussions off topic with the goal of embarassing him. I thought his answers also focused on his past accomplishments rather than future improvements which is what most of the questions were asking. He could have done better to answer a few of the questions with more detail and refrained from the bickering with James.

    James went continually off topic, she obviously had another agenda to ignore the questions and attack Campbell’s credibility. She presented no details on her party’s platform and continually returned to pre-written vague speeches that she had probably been practicing in front of the mirror for months. She continually made vague statements like “the ndp platform will help create a strong BC by giving more money to BLANK” without actually stating any specifics or new ideas like Sterk. For once James looked like the most arrogant person in the room when she stated to the voters “you only have two choices” with Sterk standing 4 feet away.

    The winner in my opinion was Sterk, she was not the best speaker but she stayed on topic and presented new ideas and a mature, realistic attitude to work with whatever government came into power. I believe she won a few votes for her party, which is what the goal of the debate is.

    Campbell and James had a real chance to steal a few votes from each other but failed miserably. All because you don’t like each other doesn’t mean you need to be rude to each other. I’d have to give the edge to Campbell though because he answered more of the questions with relevant statements rather than vague, pre-written, speeches and slogans.

  2. May 4, 2009 at 11:25 am

    I thought Sterk was embarrassing for the Green Party, and probably blew her chance to gain/retain votes.

    Her choice of clothing was unprofessional and ugly-looking, she kept mangling the poor, poor English language, she couldn’t, for the most part, communicate her party’s positions, and her obvious attempt to be Gordon Wilson epically fell flat.

    Quite simply, she looked like she was performing amateur hour among professionals. Which is “unexcusable”, especially since she had so much more time to prepare than the other two leaders.

  1. May 3, 2009 at 6:23 pm
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