Fighting Crime Does Pay

April 6, 2009

The subject of the first BC NDP pre-election 2009 ad (above) is crime.

Why crime? Isn’t that a right-wing issue? No! Crime is an issue that affects everybody; left-wing or right-wing, urban or rural.

When criminals commit crimes, it is imperative that they be punished for it. Sure, more effort should be focused in dealing with the root causes of crime, such as poverty, but let’s face it, once somebody actually commits a crime, it’s kinda too late to address the root causes, isn’t it?

Currently in the polls, crime is ranked as the second most important issue for British Columbians, and a full 45% believe that none of the BC political leaders are fully tasked to address it. In a close election in which victory depends on which party the swing seats decide to elect, the political party that convinces British Columbians that it is most able to address crime has an advantage.

I believe that Carole James and the BC NDP are the ones best equipped to convicen British Columbians that it can address crime.

“Wow”, you* say, “Northern BC Dipper thinks that the BC NDP is the best party to address crime. And that’s oxygen seeping into my lungs. If he took the orange coloured glasses for two seconds, he’d realize that 1) centre-left parties are at a disadvantage in regards to crime and; 2) the base won’t stand for it.”

Well, let’s have a look at the situation here.

The BC Liberals, the right wing party in power, you know, the ones with the supposed built-in advantage in fight crime. Yeah, they are kinda the ones that cut the crime protection budget in the last budget, cut the public saftey budget by $20 million, and closed down 10 jails, 24 courthouses, and 60 legal aid offices. Crime fighters indeed.

And how about the BC NDP base? Well, most of them aren’t some silly stereotypical Stalinist cardboard cutouts, but average middle and working class citizens. Who, ya know, don’t want thier stuff stolen, who want to be able to walk down the street without fear of being attacked. Heck, right now it isn’t possible to walk down the street without fear in Downtown Prince George. I’d hate to see what it’s like down South!

All in all, the BC NDP and Carole James have the right idea here: hire more police officers, hire a team of anti-gang Crown prosecutors, and make bail conditions tougher. That is the way to gain the confidence of British Columbians in regards to crime: actually do something about it.

*Well, okay, I said it. But play along here.

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