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Lack Of BC Fall Session Could Backfire On BC Liberals

September 10, 2008

Looks like the BC Liberals have decided not to have another fall session.

I can see this working out for the BC NDP and against the BC Liberals, as:

  1. It removes an outlet for the BC NDP to oppose the BC Liberals in the fall, thus forcing the BC NDP to release grievances about the BC Liberals’ policies in the spring, which is much closer to the election.
  2. A fall session would be overshadowed by the election anyhow, thus diluting any possible messages becoming from the legislature.
  3. It reduces the BC Liberals’ ability to officially, on the political scene, defend the carbon tax, thus allowing federal parties opposed to the carbon tax to knock it down with minimal effort from the BC NDP.

As for the short term, the BC NDP can use the cancellation to show that the BC Liberals are afraid of both the citizens of BC and talking about the issues.

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