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Them Overactive Web Designers

September 9, 2008

The Conservatives got in a little trouble today for having a puffin poop on Stéphane Dion, and blamed it on “overactive web designers”. Curious, I decided to look at some of the Conservative and Liberal websites.

The Conservatives have their revamped “notaleader.ca.” I’ve got to admit, some of the things on there were quite fun and humourous¹, like the “Street Debater” (re-enact the Liberal Leadership Convention), the “Excuse Generation” (get Dion to make an excuse for you), and “Dionbook” (which pokes fun at some of the more popular Liberal bloggers).

But the reasons why I found it funny was because: 1) I’m a political junkie; and 2) I read the blogs, and I would contend that people who meet both criteria have already decided their vote. Therefore, In an election where as much time, effort, and money as possible is needed to get valuable votes, “notaleader.ca” seem to be a waste of all three.

The Liberals seem to be afflicted with the same problem with their Scandalpedia. Except, in this case, the material on Scandalpedia is kinda dry and boring.

It would seem more prudent, if there are so many overactive web designers around, to have them work on the sites of candidates. But then again, why would I care if the Conservative and Liberals waste time, effort, and money? It only helps the NDP.

EDIT: ¹an absurdist, over the top, pathetic kind of humourous.

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