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ONDP Leadership Candidate Wants To Talk About The Economy – Good Idea

August 28, 2008

I can’t say I know much about Ontario politics; however ONDP leadership candidate Gilles Bisson believes that the NDP should talk more about the economy, saying:

“We need to convince voters that we as New Democrats would take economic issues as seriously as we do on social issues.”

I fear that the economy is something that we as New Democrats don’t really talk about, despite our history as the best fiscal managers of governments in Canada.

Some might suggest that in order to win, political parties should avoid talking about preceived weak points as much as possible. This is nonsense; by doing this all one does is reinforce the weakness. In order to strengthen oneself on an issue, one must talk about it.  The best example would be the BC Liberals: around four years ago, they were perceived as weak on the environment (for good reason – eliminating the Ministry of Environment and other environmental protections tends to do that to a party). But, the BC Liberals didn’t leave the issue alone – they talked about until they were able to fight head-to-head perception-wise on the issue with the BC NDP (and all they really have done is talked about it).

In the election that is supposedly coming up, let’s talk about the economy (and other things) and show Canadians why they need a NDP Government!

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