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The BC Liberal Election Cabinet

June 23, 2008

BC Liberal Leader Gordon Campbell has shuffled BC’s cabinet, removing those cabinet ministers that aren’t going to run again, adding a few new faces, and changing around those minister that are running in the next election.

A few things that pop out at me:

  • Pat Bell replaces Rich Coleman as Minister of Forests.  This is a good move in many fronts. It replaces a Southern MLA from an urban region with a Northern MLA from a forest dependent town.  If the word on the street is true, it also replaces somebody who was not interested in forestry in the first place with somebody who is. However, this promotion might be politically risky for Bell if the forest sector continues to decline.
  • Colin Hansen returns as Minister of Finance.
  • Kevin Krueger is promoted to Minister of Small Business and Revenue. This is probably to strengthen the BC Liberal campaign in Kamloops, always a key battleground in BC elections.
  • Bill Bennett returns to cabinet as Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts, after paying his penance for embarrassing the BC Liberals over a nasty e-mail to a constituent.
  • All of the new faces to the Cabinet seem to come from seats that are relatively strong for the BC Liberals, as opposed to potentially marginal seats. Interesting. (Then again, seat redistribution might have an effect)
  • The heavily social conservative Mary Polak is one of the new faces to cabinet. Also interesting.
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