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BC MLAs Do Right Thing In Preserving North’s Right To Effective Representation

March 14, 2008

If you have been paying attention to this blog, you know that I have written a lot about the electoral distribution in BC and how it affects the North.

Well, I think it is over. The MLAs of BC did the right thing and ensured the right to effective representation for Northern and Rural British Columbians. They unanimously approved the proposals found in Appendix P. I don’t think that the legislature should have gone through half of the bullshit it did on this serious matter, but all’s well that ends well.

My only concern is the STV boundaries. From the Hansard Blues, this statement from Mike De Jong:

“The motion that is before the House speaks to the establishment of 85 electoral districts. The motion is silent with respect to the STV electoral map. It’s silent on that because at this point, that remains a hypothetical. People will be voting on that option in the referendum that is due to take place contemporaneous to the general election in May 2009.

It will remain for a future Legislature to bring a motion with respect to boundaries for an STV electoral map in the event that the referendum is successful or the referendum question passes the required thresholds when that vote takes place. “

So what does this mean for Northerners when we look at the potential STV maps for the 2009 referendum? Do we look at the original Final Report STV Maps, or Appendix P STV maps?

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