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Final Redistribution Report & BC’s North

February 15, 2008

Well, it looks like the final report of the BC Electoral Boundaries Commission is in, and guess what, the attack on the right for Northern British Columbians to have effective representation continues unabated.

The thing that truly ticks me off is that it didn’t have to be this way: instead of playing partisan games, the BC Liberals and the BC NDP could have came up with a solution.

However, our MLAs in the legislature have one more chance to redeem themselves.

In Appendix P, Page 216, the EBC has created an alternate series of maps, one of which ensures the preservation of the same number of seats in the North as there is currently.

So, overall, I think that both the final report and Appendix P are better proposals then the preliminary report: both proposals get rid of the small, urban Prince George constituency and the large Fraser-Fort George Regional district constituency, and simply divides the Fraser-Fort George Regional into two constituencies. It also makes more sense that Altin is in the North-East constituency this time around, rather than the North-West

But the fact that the Final Report takes away seats in the North makes it a deal breaker. Therefore, I’m more likely to support Appendix P.

The Maps





Appendix P


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