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Preparing For The Next Legislative Session

February 11, 2008

The BC Legislature re-opens tomorrow, Tuesday February 12. However, the BC NDP has already begun its work. In a video, publicly available on YouTube (and posted above), BC NDP Leader Carole James challenges BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell to place everyday British Columbians first.

It would seem that the BC Liberals don’t have an easy legislative session ahead. After all, the last session of the BC Legislature was hailed as being a terrible one for the BC Liberals by many of the pundits. In this session, expect the BC NDP to ask the BC Liberals to come up with concrete plans to follow up on many of their highly publicized promises, especially on the environment.

To be honest, all I expect the BC Liberals to come up with this session is more stylish announcements. After all, it seems that the BC Liberals haven’t done anything of substance since their ideologically-based cutting of taxes and government services back in 2001-2003.

Actually, wait, maybe it is best just to have the stylish announcements after all.

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