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Be Disciplined!

February 3, 2008

Pauline Marois, the leader of the Parti Quebecois, called on the partisans of that party to be more disciplined and stopping airing internal disagreements so frequently in public.

Most will agree that publicly displaying the internal disagreements of a political party can make that party look weak and divided.

I’ve got to say, Marois’ reaction is an interesting strategy in dealing with such problems. On one hand, it might be enough to shut the public dissenters up. On the other hand, it could simply make worse the perception that the Parti Quebecois is weak and divided.

Either way, it would be interesting to imagine a scenario in which Stéphane Dion performed the same action as Marois. Or maybe you would insert another party and leader into that kind of thought. I’m not advising such a move to actually take place; you’ve got to admit on some levels such a move would bring some satisfaction, that is, until the public reaction.

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