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New Democrats Online Beta Made Public

January 16, 2008

After keeping it quiet for so long , I’m pleased to finally talk publicly about New Democrats Online (though some people had already found it earlier).

New Democrats Online will be, once it is finished, the third version of the Blogging Dippers. But I daresay that that the Beta already is much better than the current version of Blogging Dippers. The site looks more aesthetically pleasing; the feed system works, for the most part, correctly; there is the ability for the site to be bilingual, and one has the ability to vote on their favourite posts.

In the near future, New Democrats Online will have the online voting infrastructure needed to have our democratic election, and all of the French translated for the interface. Further into the future, I hope that New Democrats Online will expand beyond blogging into such things as Facebook, YouTube, and other multimedia.

Some people might be asking: why change the name from “Blogging Dippers” to “New Democrats Online”. I enthusiastically agreed to change our brand for three reasons.

  1. How do you translate “Dipper” into French? Simple answer, you really can’t. “New Democrats Online” is translatable to French. In French, our site is called “Néo-Démocrates Branchés”
  2. “Dipper” is a partisan term. It is used by partisan New Democrats to describe us and other partisans to insult us. Therefore, if you are a new person interested in politics looking for blogs by New Democrats, it probably isn’t going to cross your mind to use the term “Dipper” in your search.
  3. “Blogging” limits us to just blogs, and let’s face it, Blogging is only one of many forms of online citizen particpation.

In short, I’m really excited about the Beta!

I’d like to thank Ravi, for his hard work designing the website. He had the expertise, and he used it well.

I’d like to thank the other two administrators, Devin Johnston and Paladiea, who allowed us committee members (the Blogging Dippers has a membership and an policy/outreach committee to aid the administrators in their work) to have input on the development of the site.

Finally, I’d like to thanks my fellow committee members, Leftdog, Sean in Saskatchewan, the Wheatsheaf, Cameron Holmstrom, and Jean-Francois Arseneau for being part of the process.

Update: Oh, and if you are a member of Blogging Dippers/New Democrats Online, you can sign up and comment on the Beta, if you so desire.

Update 2: I’ve been getting screwy results, so I’ve reposted this.

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