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Face It, Show-Your-Face Legislation Doesn’t Really Matter

November 28, 2007

Yet another example of making a mountain out of a molehill.

Some have tried to make the NDP’s support of a “show your face so you can vote” bill as some sort of big deal; as some sort of proof of some sort of xenophobia.

I really don’t see how.

The main concern relates to veiled Muslim women and their ability to vote while following their religion. However, Muslims themselves say that they are quite willing to unveil their face for identification purposes. So really, they are unaffected by this bill.

Paper Bag Over Head The other concern relates to morons who think that putting random objects over their face while voting is funny or something. With the new law, election officials can tell them to remove the object. However, one would think that with present laws, that election officials would be brave enough to tell the person with the obstructing object to remove it so that they could be identified. So again, the bill does not really have an effect.

So the thing seems to be this: the general result is the same if the bill passes or falls.

The question is: doesn’t the House of Commons have better things to do with their time?

Update (11/29/2007): It looks like the NDP has not finalized its support on the Bill; it would like to see if proposed amendments to make it useful pass first.

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