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Parliamentarians: Grow Up!

November 20, 2007

The occupation of politician happens to be one of the least respected occupations in Canada today, and undeservingly so. However; this occurrence at the end of the House of Commons ethics committee today doesn’t help the case of politicians at all.

As the Liberal chair of the parliamentary committee, Paul Szabo, began wrapping up the morning’s meeting, New Democrat Pat Martin interrupted in protest and tossed his pencil to the floor. Martin then rose from his seat and accused Szabo of “stalling” the meeting so that the clock expired before MPs were able to debate a motion that he had put on the agenda.

Other opposition MPs in the room were visibly annoyed and also began shouting.

“You’re a disgrace,” Martin said, pointing to Szabo before he left the meeting room.

“The clock was out,” Szabo replied.

Throwing pencils on the floor? Shouting? I expect this from a kindergarten class! I’m paying them to decide the issues facing our country, not this garbage.

As a person who works to help politicians get elected, as a person who believes that most politicians work hard to improve the lives of others with relatively little return, this display is quite disappointing.

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  1. Drew Adamick
    November 20, 2007 at 6:09 pm

    And they wonder why people no longer trust politicians….

    Perhaps I should just focus on running for municipal office. If I want to work with three-year olds, I’d go work at a daycare…or the BC Legislature.

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