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Isn’t This Type Of Thing What Parliamentary Committees Are For?

October 11, 2007

So, Harper is going to announce a panel to come up with a consensus on Canada’s future role in Afghanistan, consisting of John Manley, Derek Burney, Pamela Wallin, Jake Epp, and Paul Tellier.

Maybe I’m being hasty here, but should this be a job of a Parliamentary Committee? Aren’t Parliamentary Committees supposed to examine issues like these at great depth? You know, a Parliamentary Committee consisting of elected officials who are elected to examine issues on behalf of the population.

No, instead, the Conservatives are trying to tell me that important public policy should be decided by an outsider non-partisan committee made mostly of partisans appointed by a partisan hack.

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  1. Drew Adamick
    October 12, 2007 at 6:09 pm

    Most likely stating the obvious here, but Harper just wants to ensure that his POV on Afghanistan (keep fighting the combat mission) wouldn’t be rejected. A Parliamentary committee would most likely lean towards positions contrary to Harper’s, whether its ending the combat mission (most Liberals) or ending the mission entirely (Bloc, NDP). That is to be avoided at all costs in that ever-so-tactically-plotting mind of his.

    I wonder if Harper’s mind ever needs some WD40 to keep it moving? Or maybe a quarter a-la Craig Lauzon on Air Farce?

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