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Protect Rural Representation, Protect Own Ass

September 14, 2007

In a mix of opportunism and covering their own ass, the BC Liberal Government* is planning to introduce new guildlines which the Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC) shall follow in creating their Final Redistribution Report.

The new guildlines are:

  • Increase the number of seats from 79 to 87
  • Do not remove any seats from any regions (these regions will retain the same boundaries as the Preliminary Report)
  • The North, Cariboo-Thompson and Columbia-Kootenay regions shall be given a special designation which gives the EBC more flexibility to derivate from provincial electoral quotients.

Interestingly, after this announcement, the EBC has canceled all of the remaining public consultations. I hope that this won’t result in less public consultation on an issue that is so imitate to the public.

Anyways, as for the new guildlines, I’ve got to say that I agree with them. I don’t think it is acceptable to remove seats from regions; that’s the best way to alienate them and anger people.

I also think that adding more MLAs to the legislature is a good idea. I simply don’t understand the argument where people say they want more representation but are unwilling to spend the extra, relatively small amount of amount to pay for extra representative. It’s also interesting to look at other places too: BC has 4.4 million people and (currently) 79 MLA, while South Carolina has 4.3 million people and 124 Representatives, and Louisiana has 4.2 million people and 105 Representatives (Both US example exclude Senates). Somehow, it seems to me that there is a little more room for a few more MLAs in the BC Legislature.

In the end, I like the new guildlines, but I’m going to have to see the Final Report with maps.


*Well, we know that a BC NDP Government would have done the same thing for the same reasons.

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