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Newsflash: Democracy Costs Money

July 15, 2007

Well, due to many MPs retiring, there are seven seats to be filled by by-elections.

So, you’d think that the media would be concerned with when they are going to be called. Well, they are, but the Globe and Mail seems to be concerned with the cost to taxpayers: entitling their article: “Taxpayers on hook to fill seven vacant Commons seats” (screenshot).

Not that the Conservatives and Liberals are much better. The Conservatives are saying that “The Liberals will have to justify the costs to voters in each riding,” while the Liberals are claiming that running all by-elections at the same time would save money (Elections Canada says the saving would be minimal).

Well, I’ve got a newsflash for all of the above organizations: Democracy costs money!

I mean really! How do these organizations expect how elections operate with proper administration, polling stations, ballots, and other materials? By magic? Contracting it out?

As a taxpayer, I think its a rather good use of tax dollars to spend it on properly conducted by-elections, and I don’t think that the cost of them should be something that our media and political parties focuses on

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