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Liberals Missing The Accountability Boat – Again

May 10, 2007

Two days ago, in my post regarding the proposed Conservative legislation that would fill in the political campaign loans loophole, I wondered what the reaction of the Liberals would be.

Well, the Liberals are protesting against this bill, spewing out the most over the top accusations that I’ve seen in a while, using words such as “anti-democratic”.

Let’s face it, the Conservative bill, in the electoral-partisan politics sense, was an attack on the Liberals. You can tell that its hitting the Liberals where it hurt from their reaction.

But, this bill is making the Liberals react the way that Harper wanted them to react.

To further understand what I’m getting at here, let’s review the history of the Federal Liberals and Accountability for a second here:

The thing is, the way that the Liberals are acting about the current bill, it will be their third strike against accountability. And for a political party that is trying to escape the shadow of Ad-scam, that’s not good.

If the Liberals wanted to out-smart Harper, they would be saying right now, “we support the blocking of this loophole and this bill, but we have a few concerns…”. They would be omitting the more sillier partisan strikes that they are doing right now. Adopting this type of strategy would have probably helped the Liberals a lot.

Well this bill, for the most part, equalizes the playing field between rich, well connected politicians and politicians of more modest means. The Liberals can be a part of its passage, or miss the boat entirely.

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