Update On Lali

May 8, 2007

A few day ago, I blogged about BC NDP Harry Lali’s refusal to maintain caucus solidarity in the MLA pay rise issue.

A few interesting updates since then.

For one, Carole James has done the correct thing and punished Lali for his misbehavour, by reliving him of his duties as Public Services Critic until July. Considering that he did publicly apologize, I’d say that was fair.

But Lali seems not to have learned his lesson:

I [Michael Smyth] asked Lali if he still intends to vote for the pay-and-pension package.

“I’ll wait to see the bill, but I don’t intend to make a liar out of myself,” he said.

Jeez, what kind of moron is Lali? Caucus unsolidarity in any party only serves to weaken that party in the game of electoral politics, whether that party is provincial or federal.

So, it would seem that Lali needs an extension on his punishment; and if he votes against the caucus, he should be kicked out.

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