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Voting Results, Comments, and Future

March 9, 2007

Here are the results from the Blogging Dippers Vote, and some thoughts:

1. That the Blogging Dippers, in regards to Moderation.
A. Keep the Status Quo – 15%
B. Add Two Moderators and retain the current moderator – 15%
C. Elect Three Moderators; Blank Slate – 69%

The vote that everybody cares about.

Now, I was in favour of some sort of change regarding the administration of the Blogging Dippers, but at the same time, I don’t think that it is pragmatic to create a possible situation where there are three totally new people operating the Blogging Dippers. The fact is, like it or not, Robert McClelland has the most experience in administrating the Blogging Dippers.

I’m a little concerned about how the transition could happen here, but I think it will work out.

2. That the Blogging Dippers establish a Charter which shall contain general operating rules for Blogging Dippers, including rules for membership, election of moderators, and a tolerance policy.
A. Yes – 86%
B. No – 14%

There were a few concerns about a Charter, regarding fears that it would be used to oppress people, and that it would put in too many rules that would constrict how bloggers could operate their blogs. However, it was pointed out that the resolution would only be about establishing a Charter, not what was in the Charter.

3. That the Blogging Dippers do not stand by the comments of Robert McClelland and shall encourage him to write a public apology.
A. Yes – 83%
B. No – 17%

I think this vote is obvious. The Blogging Dippers do not stand by the controversial comments of Robert McClelland. The reasons why I’d say differed depending on the individual voters.

As for the public apology, the Blogging Dippers as a whole can only encourage Robert to write one; as we believe in the right to free speech (believing in free speech also means accepting the consequences arising from one’s words). The choice of actually writing an apology, or the content of the apology, belong to Robert and Robert alone. I personally hope that an apology is written, and I think that it would be well-received even if tardy (well, excepting certain people, but Robert’s not going to please ’em whatever he did).

4. That the Blogging Dippers censure Jason Cherniak in his attempt to destroy the Blogging Dippers for the gain of the blogroll that he is a moderator of.
A. Yes – 43%
B. No – 57%

While it seemed to me that voters were not particularly happy at Cherniak, there was the agurgement that the Blogging Dippers did not have the authority to censure him. Another argument against was that by censuring Cherniak, the Blogging Dippers would be a) attacking his right to free speech, and b) by doing so, we’d be stooping down to his level.

On the pro-side, voters thought that by approving the resolution, we’d be sending a strong message for Cherniak: to stay out of the internal affairs of the Blogging Dippers.

5. That the Blogging Dippers shall not support the establishment of a party-controlled blogroll.
A. Yes – 54%
B. No – 46%

The concerns about an official NDP controlled blogroll and be found in a few places on the Blogging Dippers.

Personally, I think that an official NDP blogroll is a bad idea for two reasons: 1) It creates a direct link between the party and the next controversial comment; and 2) NDP Bloggers should be able to criticize the party from time to time (not all the time) without fear of being removed from a blogroll or something. I say there is a reason why the Liberals and Conservatives leave independent blogroll and simply provide help their best bloggers.

On the flip side, voters thought that the Blogger Dippers and a party-run roll might be complimentary to each other. Others were not particularity pleased about a party-run blogroll, but saw no need in trying to oppose it.

6. That the Blogging Dippers contact the President of the NDP and educate her about the realities of the blogging world.
A. Yes – 23%
B. No – 77%

Honestly, I’m surprised that this one received any votes. It was badly written (yes, it is my fault). Voters supported the idea of trying to open a line of communications with the President of the NDP, but did not like the wording at all.

The Future

There is a lot of work to be done. There are administrators to elect and train, charters to be written and voted on, and so on. As well, the Blogging Dippers has to work hard to create a better relationship with the NDP, for the benefit of both Blogging Dippers and the NDP.

One thing I do think needs to happen is that the Blogging Dippers need to investigate ways to help Robert financially regarding the operating costs of the Blogging Dippers. The fact is, the Blogging Dippers is a service that we all use. The administration of the Blogging Dippers is about to become more democratic; and in a democracy, we have obligations to meet as well as rights.

There are challenges ahead, but I’m sure we can pull thorough.

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  1. Jan Johnstone
    March 10, 2007 at 5:20 am

    Thank you to all dippers who participated in this voting.

  2. Test
    March 30, 2007 at 1:18 am



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