Troubles With Coal

November 17, 2006

It looks like two Canadian Provinces have been dealing with coal power plants lately.

In Ontario, Dalton McGuinty has yet again reversed an election promise by saying that the five Ontario coal plants are to be closed by 2014 now, instead of 2007. Coal Plants are big polluters in Ontario, with one coal plant being the largest single polluter in the province.

In BC, the BC “Liberals” have once again shown how they are incapable of learning from the experiences of other jurisdictions. It is a big supporter of building a coal plant in the Similkameen Valley, which if built, would be the first coal plant in BC. In this day and age, with the growth of alternative sources of energy, and heck, plenty of hydroelectric potential in BC, there is no excuse but incompetence (and plenty of large political donations from coal companies) to be building new coal plants.

  1. James
    January 24, 2007 at 11:53 am

    You might want to read this article about Dalton McGuinty admitting he flip flopped on his stance on privatizing electricity.

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