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Maybe Hall-Findlay Should Run In London North Centre

October 20, 2006

The Globe and Mail has an article stating that Harper may be ready to call by-elections to fill the vacant seats of London North Centre and Repentigny. The Executive Director of the Liberals, Steven MacKinnon was complaining about this, saying that this was a ruse by Harper to distract the Leadership candidates without a seat, Bob Rae, Gerard Kennedy, and Martha Hall Findlay during the leadership campaign. He even tried to suggest that the three leadership candidates would not run.

Now, I can see why Rae and Kennedy would not run, but I really don’t see how Martha Hall Findlay could really lose out. She would benefit in being in Parliament, and let’s face it, the only leadership race related thing that she could do now is make a speech on the Convention floor.

People would say that she should run for a riding closer to her residence. But I believe that she currently resides in Toronto, which is already chock full of established Liberal MPs. London North Centre also seems to be a safe Liberal Riding. Finally, Hall Finday has been a parachute candidate before, running against Belinda Stronach in Newmarket—Aurora in 2004 and coming within 689 votes to defeating her.

I think Hall-Findlay has nothing to lose by trying.

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  1. Joshua Kubinec
    October 20, 2006 at 5:19 pm

    It doesn’t matter who the Liberals run here. We will send them back to wherever they were parachuted in from.

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