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Qana Flip-Flop Attempt To Attact More Iggy Votes?

October 12, 2006

Yesterday, Ignatieff dug up one of his mistakes during the summer and further compounded it. I asked then, “why did he do it?”. I think I know.

As everybody knows, the Liberal Party is composed of two major groups: those that should be Conservatives (right), and those that should be New Democrats (left). Now, Ignatieff is known to have most of his support from the right. It is also the common wisdom that Ignatieff does not have much growth potential and that he needs to receive votes from the delegates on the left, split between Rae, Kennedy, and Dion.

Therefore, to win the race, Ignatieff needs to attract enough people from other camps; the quickest way to do this is to appear left-leaning.

So Ignatieff did what the Liberal Party does often: pretend that it is something that it is not. However, the difference between the Liberal Party and Ignatieff is that the Liberal Party places focus on more “fluffy stuff” while it does this, while Ignatieff placed his focus on last summer controversial war.

So I just think this goes to prove: somebody cannot be on the direct centre politically. They have to lean left or right.

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