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Liberals Should Not Worry About Who Other Parties Want As Their Leader

September 29, 2006

A storm has been created on Liblogs regarding a Conservative memo describing who the Conservative would like to see as the Liberal Leader.

Apparently, the memo says that the Conservatives would like to be against Rae as Leader in an election and would not like to be against Ignatieff.

As a result, there are two schools of thought about this memo:

  1. Reverse Psychology: The Conservatives actually fear Rae and would like Ignatieff.
  2. Reverse-Reverse Psychology: The Conservatives actually fear Ignatieff and would like Rae.

The danger of trying to manipulate Liberals into voting for a certain leader is this: You may get what you wish for. Ignatieff or Rae could turn out to be more effective leaders than was first thought.

So, what do I think Liberals should do based on this information on this memo? Nothing. Ignore it. Liberal members should vote as they were going to vote before.

Because the main thing is that the Liberal Party is still the Liberal Party no matter the leader – a party with no vision that does not fulfill its promises.

  1. Shawn Rennebohm
    September 29, 2006 at 8:52 pm

    What good is it having a secret strategy if it’s not a secret? Geez, I don’t see the point. I don’t think this was actually anything of real concern – anybody using a tenth of their brain power could figure this one out. Maybe if the memo looked at the implications of, say, Dion or Dryden or Kennedy I might be inclined to say this was some backroom strategy going on – but to talk about Rae being a choice over Ignatieff is like saying I rather be wealthy instead of poor. Just my thoughts tho..


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