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Liberals Still Don’t Get It In The House Of Commons

September 19, 2006

Today, the softwood lumber deal passed in the House of Commons. The Conservatives and Bloc supported it, while the NDP opposed it. But what about the Liberals? Well most of them opposed it, some of them supported it, namely Joe Volpe and Joe Comuzzi.

The Liberals still don’t get it, even after that vote on the Afghanistan mission. Everytime there is a controversial vote the Liberals seem to split. I guess that the Liberal Whip, Karen Redman, is rather useless. Well, when the election comes around, all of the opposition parties can attack the Liberals on these policies, on all sides.

It seems obvious to me: there is only one progressive political party that is united and focused to take on the Conservatives, and it ain’t the Liberals or the Bloc.

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