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Is It Really Necessary To Shop On Sunday?

August 31, 2006

This article is rather funny: Nova Scotia Premier Rodney MacDonald is being accused of breaking the law of Nova Scotia and shopping on Sundays. You’d think that if you were Premier of a province that banned that sort of thing you’d try to avoid doing it.

But when I think about it, a ban on Sunday shopping is not that bad. And no, I’m not going to cite religious reasons. One of the reasons is maybe people should take a day to relax and hang out with the family instead of shopping. After all, we live in a stress-filled world. Another reason is that by not having the stores open on Sunday, the people who work at the store have at least one day where they do not have to work.

Maybe a Sunday Shopping Ban, while seeming archaic, actually gives people some time to relax.

But then again, maybe I’m wrong. I don’t exactly live close to Nova Scotia.

  1. Kenn Chaplin (mail: kenngc at sympatico dot ca)
    August 31, 2006 at 1:49 am

    The same arguments were made here in Ontario but now even former opponeents can be seen pushing their carts around grocery stores!

  2. sos12
    September 29, 2006 at 10:51 pm

    No we do not need Sunday shopping,if we are to have stores open on Sunday lets open all of government offices, MLA offices, premiers office, banks, registry of motor vehicles, schools ,getting mail delivery on Sunday,dentist offices, lets be able to go and get our eyes tested also, which is a essential.
    We have a petition on line . We voted No to Sunday shopping and this is the way we want it. We do not want to be another Ontario.


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